Womens Eye Health.org

Women’s Eye Health.org was formed in response to the troubling reality that two-thirds of the world’s population of blind and visually impaired persons are women.

In 2001, an analysis of over 70 epidemiologic studies on blindness revealed this previously unknown and still largely unpublicized fact. A group of researchers at the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston joined forces with colleagues from around the U.S. and the world to form the Women’s Eye Health.org. It has been estimated that three-quarters of blindness and visual impairment is preventable or treatable, thus, education of the public is paramount. Women’s Eye Health.org was formed as an education, outreach program.

Our Mission
The mission of the Women’s Eye Health.org is to educate people regarding those eye diseases that:

  • Are intrinsically more prevalent in women

  • Occur more often in women because they live longer than men

  • Are exacerbated by nutritional habits, smoking and/or environmental insult

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