Friends of Schepens

The Friends of Schepens is a volunteer organization composed of individuals who wish to support and promote the eye and vision research activities conducted by Schepens Eye Research Institute. Friends of Schepens groups are established by defined geographic area and are coordinated by a local Steering Committee.

Each Steering Committee works in close collaboration with the Institute staff to:

  1. Provide input and advice regarding short- and long-term goals for

    expanding the Institute’s presence within the community.

  2. Identify individuals, corporate sponsors, foundations, clinicians,

    and media sources who might wish to support the Institute’s

    research program and further its cause of curing vision-impairing


  3. Plan and conduct local outreach programs and social events

    (symposia, seminars, receptions, cultural gatherings, private

    parties, etc.) to which prospective Friends can be invited.

As Friends of Schepens Eye Research Institute, Steering Committee members contribute their time and resources to:

  • attend meetings regularly,
  • learn about the Institute and its initiatives,
  • participate in Committee-sponsored events
  • provide financial support to The Institute, and
  • assist in the identification, cultivation, and introduction of
    Friends candidates.

Presently, Friends of Schepens Steering Committees exist throughout Florida and in the cities of New York and Boston. Staff assistance to the Committees is provided through the Institute’s Office of Development.

For more information about the Friends of Schepens, please contact:

Mr. Richard Godfrey
617-912-2569 Direct Line
877-724-3736 Toll Free
617-912-0118 FAX
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.