Joan Stein-Streilein, Ph.D.



Senior Scientist & Margaret S. Sinon Scholar in Ocular and Neurological Inflammation Research, Schepens Eye Research Institute

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School




The current projects in my laboratory study the cellular and cytokine regulation of local immune responses in the lung and in the eye.  It is known that while adaptive immune cells, like T lymphocytes, respond to antigen-specific signals by differentiating into effector cells, innate immune cells, like macrophages, NK and NKT cells, respond immediately by producing cytokines that bias the kind of adaptive immune response that follows.  Our particular interest is the role of NKT cells [identified by surface expression of both natural killer (NK) cell markers and T cell receptors] and macrophages called “antigen presenting cells” (APC) in their ability to deviate the differentiation of T lymphocytes from effector cells toward regulatory cells.To read more about Dr. Stein-Streilein's work, please click here.


1956     B.A., Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Chemistry)

1976     Ph.D., Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas Health

            Science Center at Dallas

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FAX: 617-912-0105
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Stein-Streilein J, inventor.  Tolerogenic antigen presenting cells and in treating immune-inflammatory conditions.  US patent application 10/468,944. 2006.