Vision Through Our Eyes

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Nathan and Emma Liu (above) were diagnosed in 2004 as having the juvenile form of macular degeneration known as Stargardt's Disease.  A year later their cousin Kelsey Hutten was determined to find some way to help them and launched the Vision for the Future bracelet campaign, with proceeds going to benefit Schepens Eye Research Institute's efforts to better understand, treat, and ultimately cure the disease.

Today, Nathan and Emma Liu are advocates for teens living with blinding disorders.  They are committed to showing people both with and without blinding disorders that the possibilities are limitless. 

"Vision Through Our Eyes" highlights the candid views of three teens living with visual impairments to demystify the stigmas and perceptions surrounding blindness and vision loss.  The following teens are proof that people with low vision are capable of living active and fulfilling lives and that lofty goals for the future are not only possibly, but achievable. 

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Vision for the future bracelets


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