Dateline NBC features Schepens

On Thursday August 26, a film crew and reporter from

Dateline NBC visited the Institute to complete a project that featured the research of the Ocular Regeneration Center.

Focusing on a violent crime against Schepens Corporator John Sutton, the show illustrates his will to survive, his will to return to work as a now totally blind litigator and his strong desire to promote the regenerative research here at Schepens. Mr. Sutton's story motivated NBC to expand to a 2 hour show in order to tell the entire story.


 John Sutton’s mission is to turn his personal tragedy into something positive.  He wants the world to know that regenerative (stem cell) research targeting the regrowth of the optic nerve and retina is making great progress by our scientists here at the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston.  John’s hope is that everyone interested in this research will take an active role in financially supporting it to move this groundbreaking research more quickly from the lab to a clinical reality for patients.

Please help John in his mission to restore vision for those affected by optic nerve damage by supporting the John Sutton Fund  for Optic Nerve Regeneration.


Dateline NBC is a true-life drama and the vast percentage of the Oct. 15 segment focused on the crime, the characters involved, the evolution of the case and the trial.



NBC Dateline reporter Keith Morrison with Institute President Ken Fischer, and Producer Bob Gilmartin 



Co-Director of Research Eli Peli, O.D. with scientist Gang Luo, Ph.D. during filming of a segment on their research on vision aid devices.


Dateline NBC Producer Bob Gilmartin with ocular regeneration scientist Dong Feng Chen, M.D., Ph.D. and Ken Fischer


ula_jurkunas.jpgA crew member films Ula Jurkunas, M.D. during an experiment.