Darlene Dartt wins "Best Paper" Award


Darlene A. Dartt, Ph.D. received the First Place Award for her paper Neural Regulation of Conjunctival Goblet Cell Secretion. The paper was delivered at the Third Annual International Military Refractive Surgery Conference, which took place on January 5-7, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of the International Military Refractive Surgery conference is to present expert information to military ophthalmologist so that they may provide updated information towards current patient care. Dr. Dartt heads the Department of Defense(DoD)-sponsored Military Vision Research Program at Schepens. Begun in the 1990s, this collaboration with DoD aims to develop new ways to save the vision of soldiers injured on today’s battlefield and to push the frontier of vision technologies forward.

The United States Navy schedules a yearly Refractive Surgery Conference to discuss the latest scientific studies and review the updates from each refractive surgery center. The conference, attended by key Navy, Army and Air Force ophthalmologists, provides a varied program including business plans, policies, and future goals. Refractive Surgery Military leader’s attendance is benefited from the shared knowledge and experiences gathered at the conference.