Making a difference

How can one person make a difference in the fight against blindness? Support can come in infinite shapes and sizes. The only limit is your imagination. And all gifts get us closer to the goal of a future in which blindness is prevented, alleviated, and, ultimately, cured.

"Two of my cousins, Emma and Nathan, were diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease. Currently, there are no treatments for Stargardt’s which results in macular degeneration in about one in every 10,000 children. My cousins mean a lot to me, and I was determined to do something to help.

Some people I know had made donations for cancer research and wore yellow rubber bracelets, so I thought I could create similar bracelets to benefit vision research. My dad offered to cover the cost of designing and producing our “Vision for the Future” blue bracelets so that all the money raised would support research at the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston.

I started with my friends and other people at school and in our neighborhood. So far, I’ve sold hundreds of bracelets and raised more than $14,000 for the Institute. What really makes me happy is that now other people in Boston, Italy and Germany have become interested in my project and are raising money with these blue bracelets as well.

I know research can take a long time, but I felt it was very important to do something to help my cousins and other children. The work at Schepens Eye Research Institute is the best in the country, so I wanted to make sure the bracelets supported the researchers there."

Kelsey, age 14

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