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a full-service design studio providing creative, professional graphic design, illustration and web site design to the scientific community


Peter Mallen

Graphic Artist & Scientific Illustrator

Phone: 617-912-7458
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Professional Memberships:
American Institute of Graphic Artists, Graphic Artists Guild, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, International Webmastes Association, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Services offered:

  • Graphic Design: identity (logos and branding), technical schematics, publications (magazines, newspapers, and books), and advertisements

  • Scientific Illustration: detailed realist drawing in a range of mediums and perspectives, including 3-D cutaways and cross-sections. Depending on situation, the illustration can be drawn directly from specimens, or I can use references and imagination to create convincing images of abstract concepts.

  • Web Design & Content Management: including the information architecture, layout  and the conceptual design, with branding.

  • Photography: digital and traditional for output to web and print.

  • Animations: Computer generated image sequence of 2-D or 3-D artwork in Flash and Powerpoint

  • Powerpoint Presentations: sophisticated presentations, including animations and video.

Fees for services

Services for clients within Schepens Eye Research, Massachusetts Eye and Ear: $45. per hour.

Services for external clients: : $75. per hour

Sites developed and designed by Peter Mallen:




Eye Cross-section (animated)








Otolaryngology Events