Eye injuries - Schepens Eye Research Institute

Injuries to the eye can present special challenges.

In order to preserve vision, the eye must remain clear. This special requirement makes many of the body's normal mechanisms for healing wounds abnormally destructive in the ocular context.  Inflammation and its resulting scarring, very helpful responses to injury in other parts of the body, in the eye can lead to blindness. Also, the optic nerve and retina are extensions of the central nervous system, and many of their specialized cells, which are critical for vision, do not regenerate once damaged. Non-healing eye wounds can result in infection, ulceration and scarring. They may result from accidents that occur in the workplace, in the home, on the sports field or on the battlefield through blunt trauma or through exposure to chemicals, lasers or heat. Schepens Eye Research Institute has research relevant to the entire spectrum of ocular injuries, from surface injuries to optic nerve damage.