Patricia A. D'Amore, Ph.D., M.B.A., F.A.R.V.O.


Patricia DAmore, PhD, MBA, FARVODirector,
Howe Laboratory

Associate Chief
of Basic and Translational Research

Mass. Eye and Ear


Director of Research

Ankeny Scholar of Retinal Molecular Biology

Senior Scientist

Schepens Eye Research Institute


Charles L. Schepens Professor of Ophthalmology,

Professor of Pathology

Co-Director, HMS Ophthalmology AMD Center of Excellence

Vice-Chair of Basic Research, Department of Ophthalmology

Harvard Medical School

Dr. Patricia D’Amore grew up in Everett, Massachusetts and received a B.A. in 1973 from Regis College in Weston, MA. She then obtained a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University in 1977 followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in Biological Chemistry and Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins Medical School. In 1980, she joined the staff at Johns Hopkins as Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology. In 1981, she moved to the Folkman Lab at Children’s Hospital in Boston as an Assistant Professor of Pathology and today still remains a Research Associate in Surgery there. In 1987, Dr. D’Amore obtained an MBA from Northeastern University.
In addition to her scientific achievements, Dr. D’Amore has long been committed to her role as mentor and teacher. Since 1993, she has been a Member of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program, serving as Chair of the Admissions Committee, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, and Member of the Steering Committee. Also at Harvard Medical School she is an active member of the Minority Recruitment Committee, Joint Committee on the Status of Women, Faculty Committee on Student Research, Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program (SHURP), Henry K. Beecher Prize in Medical Ethics Committee, Selection Committee for the Eleanor and Miles Shore Fellowship Program for Scholars in Medicine, and the Faculty Diversity Committee. Each year since 1994, Dr. D’Amore has been a Lecturer at the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts where she teaches Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons. In October, she will begin a term as a permanent member of the Biology and Diseases of the Posterior Eye Study Section.
In 1998, Dr. D’Amore became a Professor of Ophthalmology & Pathology and a Senior Scientist at the Schepens Eye Research Institute. In 1999, she was awarded the Jules and Doris Stein Research to Prevent Blindness Professorship. In 2000, she became the Co-chair of the Angiogenesis, Invasion & Metastasis Program at the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, and, in 2003, she became Chair. She also became the Associate Director of the Leder Human Biology & Translational Medical Program at Harvard Medical School in 2003.
In 2004, Dr. D’Amore was elected to The Academy at Harvard Medical School. She is the founder of the Boston Angiogenesis Meeting, which will celebrate its 11th annual meeting this year. In 2005, she was the recipient of The Excellence Award at the Schepens Eye Research Institute, and in 2006, she received the A. Clifford Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award from Harvard Medical School, and the Senior Scholar Award from the Research to Prevent Blindness.
Dr. D’Amore is currently the Director of Research at Schepens and the Ankeny Scholar of Retinal Molecular Biology. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanism of vascular growth and development. She is particularly interested in the role of polypeptide growth factors such as VEGF and TGF-ß and in investigating the contribution of cell-cell interactions in the cells of the vasculature. She has over 183 publications to her credit, some of which have appeared in journals such as Nature Medicine, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Development, and Journal of Cell Biology.
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Ph.D., 1977, Boston University
M.B.A., 1987, Northeastern University
2011, Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

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